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Our Mission:

To recruit, support and advocate for candidates for public office who
support private sector 
job creation, low taxation, a responsible regulatory environment, and effective delivery of essential state services.

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Monte Miller, Champion of Economic Freedom

By Ken Minster

Each year at its Annual Dinner, the Keystone Corporation honors and recognizes influential voices in our State who work to preserve free-market principles and economy prosperity by awarding them with the  Economic Freedom Award. This year, Keystone proudly announces that the Economic Freedom Award will be renamed the Monte Miller Economic Freedom Award.  The Board of Directors is delighted to honor Monte Miller, the Quiet Crusader, who over the past two decades has worked to preserve the low tax, business-friendly environment that has made Nevada a desirable place to live and work.

Most people have not met or heard of Monte Miller.  Monte avoids accolades and refuses rewards and recognition even though he has been at the very center of conservative politics in Nevada since the early 2000’s. A businessman, husband, father, and activist, Monte sat on multiple community boards including the Nevada Development Authority, the College of Southern Nevada Foundation, and the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.   Along with the support of other Keystone board members, Monte has been the staunchest advocate against adopting a Nevada state income tax. We’re one of only 9 states that don’t have one thanks to his dodged persistence.

Robert Uithoven, a Keystone Board Member, shared how vital Monte’s contributions to Keystone Corporation have been. Robert shared, “Monte inspired clear direction and focus on our board, believing that what made Keystone unique from other so-called business advocacy groups in Nevada was our consistency.  He inspired us to focus on our mission, our values and whether politically popular or not, holding true to our core principles is what will ultimately make Keystone and our support for candidates valuable and respected.”

“Monte has always been a genuine, honest leader in our [pro-business] movement who knows that differing interests and ideas were always pulling at each other and that friends and fellow activists may still want different outcomes.”   Uithoven continued, “Monte appreciates a look in the eye, a handshake accompanied by a promise, a promise accompanied by the truth, and the truth accompanied by keeping your word. This understanding of people has made Keystone consistently respected and effective.”

Monte strongly values and demands accountability for the Governors, legislators, and decision makers he works with, using his time with them to empower them to make the right decisions while honoring the principles that have made Nevada successful.

While we still have a lot of work to do to promote and support economic prosperity for Nevadans while still delivering crucial state services to those that need them, Nevada is lucky to have Monte Miller’s principled, persuasive and knowledgeable voice fighting for our citizens. 



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